Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have to remember these things. My kids are growing so fast and I so want to keep every little thing tucked away.

Dylan, she is such a girly girl, who would have ever thought I would have that. She sits down on the couch across from me and this is the conversation that ensues :

Dylan : "Mom do you know that boy Reed in my class?"
Mom : "No I don't think so"
Dylan : "Well every time I get near him her turns bright red."
Mom : " Do you know why?"
Dylan : " NO"
Dylan : " Mom I LOVE Reed"
Then an entire conversation about if I ever loved anyone at that age and yada yada yada.
Then she says the most insightful thing ever....
Mom :"What does Reed say when you talk to him?"
Dylan : "Oh he doesn't talk to me at all."
Mom : "Well why don't you ask him why he won't talk to you?"
Dylan :"I know why he won't talk to me mom. He won't talk to me because he LOVES me"

She's 8.5  .

So then we take Ryan to a birthday party. It's 5th&6th graders, 2 boys decided to have a dance party. Anyway when we picked Ryan up it was evident that he had danced himself all sweaty. We asked him about the party and he said : " Well at first I was a little embarrassed to dance but then my body just took over and once I started I just couldn't ever stop"  I love this child.....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our 1st Attempt

This was our 1st attempt at a Christmas photo, didn't go so well. I actually tried 2 more times to get one that I liked of all 3 kids but it just wasn't happening. I take my Christmas cards very seriously and so i needed at least one good photo. I love this one but it wasn't working for me. 

I did actually put this one on the inside of the cards though, it warms my heart.
That's a lot of teeth !!!


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