Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ginger Bread House Action

We had our first annual Ginger Bread Decorating Party . 
It was so much fun, although I'm not sure who had more fun, the parents or the kids.
I really think it had to do with walking in and seeing all the candy just spread out on the tables waiting to be used/eaten !!!
So this is what the setup looked like. Terri(AGirlInTheSouth) and I assembled about 30 houses. We invited some of our kids friends and viola.

There was literally mounds of candy down the middle of each table. There were some somewhat healthy decorations like pretzels and frosted mini wheats.

Really the moms got into after the kids where done. We might have to keep that in mind when we set up next years party.

 By the time things were done it looked kind of like WW3 had hit this small ginger bread community.

This is one of my favorite from the day. They were all so lovely it was hard to pick and I can't wait to see how they turn out next year. I think we might practice up before the party !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Photos

This is our Christmas tree. We thought it was alot bigger than it actually turned out to be. It really looks like Charlie Browns' tree but it is very pretty and will work just as well as any designer tree !!!

This was such a pretty sunset. We were on our way to meet people for dinner and I saw it. Then when we pulled into the parking lot I saw this store that said Bless Beauty and I
just thought how perfect is that !!!

I found this one to be very touching, like catching the look of love at just the right time.

And finally we have some actual fall colors. So I made, well really I asked any kids willing, and Little Man is always willing, to come take some pictures with me. Pardon the snotty nose but I loved these of him peeking around the tree. He is so handsome !!!

Next I'm going to post some pictures of our wildly fun Gingerbread House decorating party. So get your sweet tooth on, it was so fun!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Generation, or Two Is Over.

This last week, on Thursday December 10 to be exact, Robs grandgfather, Grano passed away. He was 102 1/2 almost. Short the half by maybe 2 weeks. He had outlived all of his generation and then most of the generation that came after them. It was amazing. I look back at pictures of him and realise that really in just the last year did his quality of life begin to deteriorate.

This is Grano at age 98. Still riding the red devil, although not that fast.

This is Grano at age 100, holding Little Man. There is a hundred years between these 2 !!!

The Mai Tai's are on there way. This is the 101st birthday.

I feel like these are the people who truly loved Grano and were there for every birthday because they wanted to be and because he was so special to us all.

A snooze before he officially goes up for a nap, that's the way it works when you're 102.

This  is the week before he passed away. He loved his morning Sanka, instant coffee, and his banana and bowl of oatmeal.

We will miss him greatly.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It Always Amazes Me !!!

It's amazing to think that this :


and this :


come from this :

Just Amazing !!!


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