Monday, November 23, 2009

I Heart Faces- "Sun Flare" Week 46


This week the challenge is sun flare. I am very interested in this but have yet to get my kids to really cooperate. Here is my entry this week :

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Walk Around The Block

What lovely lemons you have Little Man, did your dad grow those???

This is what happens when you tell them you are walking all the way around the block !!!
I call it the dazed and confused look, almost like she is in shock.

And this is the look Little Mama gives me trying to STARE ME DOWN, little does she know I'm the queen of the stare down !!!
"You are doing well young Jedi but your training is not there yet !!!" that's what I should tell her next time she gives me the evil stare.

Resist temptation Little One !!! That squirrel looks tempting but really it's just a plaster cast, he will not truly be your friend.

Thanks big brother for showing Little Man how to put the squirrel back after he can't resist temptation.

"I'm not sure what happens when you put your hands on it but let's find out, it does squirt water doesn't it?"

"Maybe if you stand on it the water will come out?"

"Or maybe if I stand on it and you peek through my legs water will come out??"

"I'm movin on"

"Oh wait, look at this lucky find, it's a stop sign. I think you are supposed to put your tongue on it. Let's try it and see what happens."

"Maybe if we all lick it something special will happen. Does it squirt water?"

"This is the spot!!! It was actually my idea to lick the stop sign and mom thought 'who touches stop signs, there probably aren't any germs on there' go for it."

It was such a great walk, really the Rhino came up with licking the stop sign on his own. It wasn't even cool outside but I think he wanted his tongue to get stuck, crazy kid !!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Capture - Sunrise/Sunset

You Capture - Sunrise/Sunset

This is my first time joining in at You Capture, I need to be pushed with my photos.  This one is of sunset .

This is the same sunset, just a little different take on it.

For more sunrise/sunset captures visit You Capture at :


Monday, November 16, 2009

I Heart Faces- "Autumn Beauty" Week 45 I

I Hear Faces "Autumn Beauty" is the theme this week. I guess since it's week 45 there are only 7 more weeks left in the year. They don't describe me as sharp for nothin !!! Since we have no evidence of Autumn yet, maybe soon, I found this photo from Disney World. I'm homesick for Disney !!!

So head on over to :

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black & White Photos

These are some photos I have taken lately. I turned them into Black & White.

This might be the Christmas card unless I can get another good picture. The kids aren't very cooperative lately !!!

I just liked this one.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

They have been working, for what seems like forever, on a new train and some new exhibits at our zoo. We got to check out the real deal this week when the kids had an inservice day at school. It was so much fun having them all there.

There was much to see on the train ride. They all sat in front of me and took it all in. That's what I love about my kids, I wasn't in the least nervous to let Little Man sit there with his brother and sister. I knew they would behave and be safe.

Little Man loved having Little Mama and The Rhino with us, it is usually just me and him and a friend.
How exciting to share this with them.

There were alot of shots of the kids backs this trip. It will become obvious that I couldn't quite get in front of them, but I really liked this picture.

Almost to the Piranha's. It's great to have The Rhino reading, he was able to read all the signs about the animals for himself and if someone else wanted to know. Very exciting for me and I think him too.

OK this is one of the very few forward facing shots I was able to get and those fish are Piranha's!!!

This is how close we could get to the leopard. It was exciting.

There was a fairly new addition to the giraffe family, 8 months and 369 pounds. This guy was just hanging out and I loved him !!!

This is the baby elephant and this is how I felt after our trip to the zoo.
I think we will go more often now that some of the new exhibits are open again.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Crazy Genetic?

Anyone willing to do this must be a little off their rocker. I'm not sure that I would declare Oma extremely crazy but definitely off kilter.

A ride on toy? who does that? especially in tandem with a 2 year old. Well ok I guess if I could fit I might do that, does that make me crazy ?

And this is how the spiral downhill starts. I just wanted a few pictures of Oma with the kids and The Rhino is the only one who wanted to have his picture taken to my great surprise.

The craziness started almost immediately. when these two start in on each other it's hard to get them under control again.

Their attempt at controlling themselves. I just see them both thinking how they will be attacking the other one and when to spring.

Or maybe they are thinking about a surprise attack on something over my head?

I'm pretty sure they were thinking of each other.

And the deal is done. The Rhino only has so much patience at the young age of 8, he could no longer wait. Just so we are clear this is where the Dimples come from, OMA !!!

I'm not sure who has the upper hand.

A moment of truce.

Short lived and then another full blown attack, this one with an altogether different strategy. The last 'lay across the lap' strategy gave to much exposure to the rib area. This strategy looks to have a little more arm involved.

Or maybe it's lips

Whatever it seems like fun.

Back to the lips

Back to the giggling.

I think it most definitely is a little bit of crazy, I hope it's genetic it sure looks like fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Lens A Day

I got a new lens for my camera, shame on me, but I love it !!! It is considered a wide angle and lets me get a way wider filed of view than I have ever had before. So like this picture I got the long room and the stairs all in one picture, loving it.

And look at this picture. I think it's lovely even though it's really not that great a picture. I was able to get the fence just in front of me and all the way up to the setting sun!!!
I love sun flare!!!

Little Mama is working on her hand stands, she will have it shortly I'm sure.

She won't practice in the grass, I'm not sure why. I'm praying she won't drop on her noodle !!!


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