Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day !!!

It's the man, the stud, my babies daddy, also known as Big Daddy or Rob if you must.

Isn't he handsome, isn't he the best, I really think so (ok most of the time), but especially on FATHER'S DAY !!!!

These are the reason's that we can call the stud BIG DADDY !!

Those "reasons" helped to make it a very arts and crafty Father's Day.

The Little Man loved the finger painting, although really all of them loved the finger painting.

Little Mama really got into it, she was all out painted, body and clothes, using her knees and all.

Even The Rhino had a creative experience. Maybe we should do this more often.

The paint plate.

The paint brushes !!!

Cleaning up was never so much fun, of course until they started fighting over who got to hold the hose and until someone sprayed someone with the "JET" setting on the hose. That really hurts.

Only one white T-Shirt was lost/ruined in the making of this project !!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation Bible School !!!

What a great experience for my kids. This was the second year that our church had VBS and my kids love it.

Our camp is Afternoons in June and it was hot, it always amazes me how much the kids don't mind the heat. They were doing another camp from 9 - 2 and then straight to Afternoons in June until early evening. They were worn out but had such great big smiles all day, the only thing tired were their cheeks from smiling all day long.

The Rhino loved the chocolate coins they handed out when you remembered your bible verse. Sounds like something he would like and something I might do !!!

The Little Man didn't attend VBS, he is still to young but he really enjoyed the dinner they served on the last night. Chick Fil A.

They had an interactive theater group that did a fabulous job. The guy here was so inspiring in his message, the way he explained God's kingdom was perfect.

This is the interactive part where Little Mama is wearing the Helmet of Salvation. This went along with the Shield of Faith as we all Sword of the Spirit followed by the Breastplate of Righteousness and the Belt of Truth. It was informative for me as well.

Singing a song.

It was great and I can't wait until the next VBS at our church !!! Praise God !!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rah Rah Goooo Team !!!!

Ready ! OK ! Sorry Terri I had to post these as your mother REALLY wanted to see them.
I think they are great and the whole thing made for a very entertaining evening !!!

Laughing because you are so nervous about doing a cheer in front of the kids and Rob and me?
Your so funny !!

Be careful you don't throw your hip out !!!

Or spin to fast and make yourself get motion sickness.

Good Job Hot Mama !!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh to the paint store we go !!!

After trying to figure out what kind of paint I might be needing,

Then there is the question what color paint I should be getting. I always thought this would be fun but somehow it has turned into a very high stress situation. I'm feeling the pressure to get it right the first time.

Little Mama looks like how I feel most of the time when it comes to all these decisions. Although I think things will be ok, paint is easy to redo, unless you have an 18 ft room !! How are we going to change the light bulbs ?

I think I'm going to try that "A picture a Day thing" for a year. This is Mondays picture and hopefully I will be able to keep up. I have been taking them it's just a matter of posting them, I'm excited to see if I can do it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Bean's Recital

This is my niece The Bean. She is absolutely stunning. She invited Little Mama, me and her grandpa to her year end recital last night . I have decided that I really loooove recitals even if my kids aren't in them. I think it's so possible to live like all the kids on stage are yours. I get so excited that I feel that really nervous giggle coming on, like when I got married , or when my kids are performing. It's overwhelming sometimes !

Here she is just after the recital getting her flowers and basking in the after glow with all the other performers and their families.

Here is The Bean with her cousin Little Mama, who I think in the end has decided that the after glow is so great she might just take dance next year. I'm all for it !!!
My heavens we have pretty girls in this family. I can't wait !!!

And here is the proud MOMMA LOVE that all children should get after such a performance.
Most appropriate and lovely.

This is Grandpa with his special Grandpa Love. It too should be given to all children after such an event like this.

I love you Bean, congratulations you were wonderful and I am so proud of you !!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Mama's Birthday

Does she look like the birthday girl or what??? How about all those teeth. I remember when she was born and how dark her hair was and how different she looked as a baby.

Little Mama on the day she was born. I have to admit, most ashamedly, my mom and I didn't think she was the prettiest baby on the block. Now that I look back at the newborn pictures I sometimes wonder how she went from here......

to here.......

to here......

to here....

to here....

and finally to today. Her transformation has been amazing.

Happy Birthday Little Mama !!!

She is so beautiful, inside and out, I can hardly wait to love her the rest of her life !!!

Cut and Paste

Nothing like excercising those gross motor skills, or are they fine motor skills. The Little Man was so thrilled to be using a pair of scissors. It takes alot of skills to be able to cut anything. Although things like hair and stuff you want to keep whole the kids have no problem cutting that stuff. Doesn't make much sense.

I personally am fond of the open mouthed approach. It's much easier to concentrate with your mouth open, you don't have to worry about breathing as much, maybe flies a little more but not oxygen.

When was the last time I was this pleased with my self.
We should just say he is as pleased as punch with what he's doing.

Love ya Little Man mama is proud !!

Personal Sized Watermelon

Hide the watermelon, that's what I always say when we go somewhere and there is a significant amount of this summer delicacy. My kids absolutely love it, much like me. They can consume and entire regular size watermelon in one sitting and come back for more. It's frightening !!! I saw these little "personal" sized melons at our local grocery store. Usually I'm a little weary of anything that has been "specially produced" for our convenience, often it tastes weird or like nothing at all and who knows what has been actually done to the thing. But I tried these little melons and really thought they were tasty. Them fitting in my fruit bowl is such a plus.

One of the other positives is that each slice is the perfect size for those little hands and big mouths

But I'm still trying to figure out how many I need to satisfy the hungry masses. If they are capable of eating the majority of a big melon how much of the little melon would they be happy with? These are things I think about, sad but true.


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