Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Photos

This is our Christmas tree. We thought it was alot bigger than it actually turned out to be. It really looks like Charlie Browns' tree but it is very pretty and will work just as well as any designer tree !!!

This was such a pretty sunset. We were on our way to meet people for dinner and I saw it. Then when we pulled into the parking lot I saw this store that said Bless Beauty and I
just thought how perfect is that !!!

I found this one to be very touching, like catching the look of love at just the right time.

And finally we have some actual fall colors. So I made, well really I asked any kids willing, and Little Man is always willing, to come take some pictures with me. Pardon the snotty nose but I loved these of him peeking around the tree. He is so handsome !!!

Next I'm going to post some pictures of our wildly fun Gingerbread House decorating party. So get your sweet tooth on, it was so fun!!!!

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