Friday, August 19, 2011

Two at Mortal Muses

So I've been very busy with back to school stuff, just kidding my brain is just so unorganized that I have yet to actually sit down and get my trip pictures together. All I can say is that it was such a great trip, 3001 miles in a car with 3 kids and a husband, what more could a girl ask for. It was heaven every moment of every day and I will for sure do it again next summer. No it's true I will. Maybe a little better planning so next time when we get to St.Louis the largest convention of the year won't take every last hotel room so weary travelers and crazy parents won't have such a hard time finding a room. Anyway I'm linking up at Mortal Muses with my interpretation of "two" this week. From somewhere in the midwest I think :

Oh by the way this was taken with my iphone, everyone should have one.
More about our trip shortly.


  1. This is a lovely shot. Thanks for linking up with us at mortal muses today!

  2. I love this interpretation of two. Gorgeous tones.

  3. That's a gorgeous shot - love your interpretation.

  4. Great iPhone shot! I am addicted to iPhone shooting right now!

  5. Great color in the sky. You would sell iphones, because now I'm interested.



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