Friday, October 9, 2009


Trying to keep things in perspective. This woman at book club, Lynn, talked about something she heard which has struck a real cord in me. She heard a woman talking about changing perspective on what I do every day which is staying at home ( and all that means) and taking care of the kids (and all that means).

If I just looked at things with the attitude that I GET TO instead of I HAVE TO what a difference that
would make. Imagine thinking I GET to do the laundry or I GET to cook for my family or I GET to do crafts with my kids or I GET to show them how to feed themselves or I GET to teach them how to catch a ball. Sometimes it's really hard not to wallow in whatever 'our' stuff is at the time. I wish there was some way to remember that really these things I feel I HAVE to do are short lived and can be taken away in an instant, that scares me. Cause really my existence other than to glorify GOD is my family.

I GET to take care of these poor little scunt up knees, they need lots of kisses.

And I GET to see this, granted it's an old picture, I still cherish these chances I have and I will continue to pray that I can keep things in perspective.

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