Tuesday, March 9, 2010

67, 68 & 69/365 A DriveThru,Some Highwaters and A Duckface

67/365 Drive Thru
This is the Drive Thru in the backyard. I feel so lucky because every time someone drives
by the window whoever is in the window at the time screams "what do you want"
in a very unpleasant voice!
Where did that come from?

68/365 Highwaters
Mama needs to buy this boy some pants that fit.
Like mama like son I guess.

69/365 Duckface
I'm thinking of renaming him !
(Doesn't he kind of look like Howard the Duck, which I saw here not to long ago)

1 comment:

  1. hahaha!! Hilarious shots, all of them! Absolutely looove the first one of the drive through...such an air of fun and play in that one :D And to save money, you could just start calling your son's pants "capris", instead ;D



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