Wednesday, March 24, 2010

84/365 ZhuZhu Pet

The Rhino got one for his birthday.
We as parents are at a point where there are more and more occasions when The Rhino gets a 
toy we don't really look at the instructions or the warnings.
So when something happens it gives us pause...

This is what happened. The Rhino placed the ZhuZhu pet on Little Mans head.
I then heard some extreme screaming and had no clue what had happened.
Then I realized that Little Mans hair was wound up in the wheels.
I eventually had to resort to cutting the thing out. 
So being that I am who I am I decided this was a good photo op and got the camera out. 
As I was looking I saw the caution sticker and proceeded to read .
Wow they sure do know what to warn us about!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! (sorry for laughing...must've been scary and painful at the time!!) But, that's seriously hilarious that they have a warning about that exact thing...



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