Wednesday, April 28, 2010

114/365 Sprinkles

114/365 Sprinkles
Well with all these extra kids around we have to be creative these days.
So this is a game we have played before. The kids get an umbrella and Big Daddy gets free reign
with the hose. It gives everyone a chance to get some energy out.
Bet you can't guess what's under here!

I was so lucky not to get completely soaked.
Thanks Big Daddy, you might have had to buy me that new camera I want if you had sprayed me !!!

Move out troops, they kept running up the walk to "re-group" .


  1. Cute. For some reason, it reminded of the film, Gladiator, with the gladiators crouched behind their shields.

  2. What fun!!! Love that last action shot with the sunflare...great summer feelings!



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