Monday, November 21, 2011


Mac & Lucy 
Lucy is the brown on the left and Mac is the black speckled on the right.
They are litter mates and about 15 weeks old now.
They are my babies and I think they are now the apple of my eye, I say phew to the kids where are the puppies. Just kidding, maybe.
The kids love them as well, I'm kind of shocked at how much they kids do like them. Today I caught Tyler outside with both of them in the corner and he was having a full blown conversation with them. He's just like his brother, they both are in that category of "a boy and his dog".  Now Dylan loves them because she can carry them around kind of like babies, I mean she is in HEAVEN !!!
Oh one other thing, I am in no way a pet photographer. This was kind of a logistical nightmare but no one got hurt!!!!


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