Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween was so much fun. It is getting alot easier for us to do things like this. The Little Man is pretty independent and can just go along with the big kids. The costumes are getting better and looking great.


I had to use 2 pictures to get everyones face, they were so preoccupied with the idea of all that candy, or maybe just the flashlight !!!


Mickey Mouse had such a good time. This was the first year we could just let them go. They all walked up to the houses and said the traditional saying and then to my great surprise they all said thank you, each and every time.


I don't know if you have ever met Spider Girl but WOW she is something.


And last but not least we have Army Guy. He loved this costume and I love him in it. I was afraid that he had outgrown Trick or Treating with us and would be desperate to go with someone else but he never really mentioned it.


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