Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

They have been working, for what seems like forever, on a new train and some new exhibits at our zoo. We got to check out the real deal this week when the kids had an inservice day at school. It was so much fun having them all there.

There was much to see on the train ride. They all sat in front of me and took it all in. That's what I love about my kids, I wasn't in the least nervous to let Little Man sit there with his brother and sister. I knew they would behave and be safe.

Little Man loved having Little Mama and The Rhino with us, it is usually just me and him and a friend.
How exciting to share this with them.

There were alot of shots of the kids backs this trip. It will become obvious that I couldn't quite get in front of them, but I really liked this picture.

Almost to the Piranha's. It's great to have The Rhino reading, he was able to read all the signs about the animals for himself and if someone else wanted to know. Very exciting for me and I think him too.

OK this is one of the very few forward facing shots I was able to get and those fish are Piranha's!!!

This is how close we could get to the leopard. It was exciting.

There was a fairly new addition to the giraffe family, 8 months and 369 pounds. This guy was just hanging out and I loved him !!!

This is the baby elephant and this is how I felt after our trip to the zoo.
I think we will go more often now that some of the new exhibits are open again.

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  1. Those are great shots! So clear!!! How do you get them so wide on Blogger???

    Holli in Ghana



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