Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Walk Around The Block

What lovely lemons you have Little Man, did your dad grow those???

This is what happens when you tell them you are walking all the way around the block !!!
I call it the dazed and confused look, almost like she is in shock.

And this is the look Little Mama gives me trying to STARE ME DOWN, little does she know I'm the queen of the stare down !!!
"You are doing well young Jedi but your training is not there yet !!!" that's what I should tell her next time she gives me the evil stare.

Resist temptation Little One !!! That squirrel looks tempting but really it's just a plaster cast, he will not truly be your friend.

Thanks big brother for showing Little Man how to put the squirrel back after he can't resist temptation.

"I'm not sure what happens when you put your hands on it but let's find out, it does squirt water doesn't it?"

"Maybe if you stand on it the water will come out?"

"Or maybe if I stand on it and you peek through my legs water will come out??"

"I'm movin on"

"Oh wait, look at this lucky find, it's a stop sign. I think you are supposed to put your tongue on it. Let's try it and see what happens."

"Maybe if we all lick it something special will happen. Does it squirt water?"

"This is the spot!!! It was actually my idea to lick the stop sign and mom thought 'who touches stop signs, there probably aren't any germs on there' go for it."

It was such a great walk, really the Rhino came up with licking the stop sign on his own. It wasn't even cool outside but I think he wanted his tongue to get stuck, crazy kid !!!

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