Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Crazy Genetic?

Anyone willing to do this must be a little off their rocker. I'm not sure that I would declare Oma extremely crazy but definitely off kilter.

A ride on toy? who does that? especially in tandem with a 2 year old. Well ok I guess if I could fit I might do that, does that make me crazy ?

And this is how the spiral downhill starts. I just wanted a few pictures of Oma with the kids and The Rhino is the only one who wanted to have his picture taken to my great surprise.

The craziness started almost immediately. when these two start in on each other it's hard to get them under control again.

Their attempt at controlling themselves. I just see them both thinking how they will be attacking the other one and when to spring.

Or maybe they are thinking about a surprise attack on something over my head?

I'm pretty sure they were thinking of each other.

And the deal is done. The Rhino only has so much patience at the young age of 8, he could no longer wait. Just so we are clear this is where the Dimples come from, OMA !!!

I'm not sure who has the upper hand.

A moment of truce.

Short lived and then another full blown attack, this one with an altogether different strategy. The last 'lay across the lap' strategy gave to much exposure to the rib area. This strategy looks to have a little more arm involved.

Or maybe it's lips

Whatever it seems like fun.

Back to the lips

Back to the giggling.

I think it most definitely is a little bit of crazy, I hope it's genetic it sure looks like fun.

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