Friday, May 14, 2010

126/365 Pinot & Picasso

126/365 Pinot & Picasso 
This is pre-rowdiness. The drinks were just starting to flow, we were cracking our knuckles in preparation for the long evening of color mixing, stroke making confusion. It was alot of fun and I want to do it again, soon. Plus it made me feel like a real painter and I love that feeling, even if it was sort of paint by number.

Everyone was in a tizzy about this "bitch" wine. 
So here it is, if you have a friend who needs a little slap back to reality maybe a bottle of Bitch wine would help get the message across.

Julie you made the blog, in all your apron wearing paint stroking glory !!!!

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  1. I miss sharing good times with girlfriends...looks like you had lots of fun!



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