Saturday, May 29, 2010

137/365 Happy Birthday Love !!!

137/365 Happy Birthday Little Mama
It has been quite a week in our house. First school gets out, The Rhino moves to another class and now my little girl turned 7 today. I think it's almost as much as I can take. 
Just kidding, the first 2 days of summer have been great now I only have about 90 more to go. I'm like the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can !!!
Well we went out for the traditional birthday dinner and had alot of fun.

I think she had a great day and really was pleased with all the things she got from all the people she loves so much. 
She just seemed so content all day, it was very sweet.

Getting her to hold her hands like this was a whole lot of trouble, but when we
figured it out (I have to figure out how to tell her and she has to figure out what I'm saying)
this cute picture got snapped.

She's looking at her new watch next to her new Lava Lamp, really she had no idea 
how to use either so it was also a day filled with learning.

I love you Little Mama, Happy Birthday !!!
If I could bottle you up and keep you like this forever I might think about doing it, well maybe for a minute !!!

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  1. Absolutely precious! Happy belated birthday to your "little mama" :D Love that Lava lamp+watch shot, btw!!



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