Sunday, May 23, 2010

131/365 Before & After

131/365 Before & After
So this is the before :

and this is the after:

I'm still working on which one I like best, any comments are welcome. Can you even tell a difference? 
Pretty momma and that's one of my favorite babies to Photograph, although he isn't going to be a baby to long !!!


  1. What a great full of true joy!

    I like the 'after' best...and, yes, I CAN see a difference. I'm wondering, though, now that I've seen the 'before', if your white balance is a bit off, or if it's just looking like that on my computer screen which could have some sort of different setting from yours.

    Forgive the unsolicited advice (since you KNOW I'm a total fan of yours!!) ...In any case, if you've been playing with the colour curves etc, in order to attempt adjustment, I thought I'd pass on something my brother taught me when I had (have)white balance issues with people in the pic but no true white/grey/black: try the "adjust colour for skin tone" can sometimes work wonders! Then again, perhaps I should start playing with the settings on my computer screen, instead ;D LOL

  2. Ok, people...I'm not actually harping on this...Staci asked me to explain! ;D

    In photoshop (elements is what I have, so hope it's just about the same thing), with you pic open in editing, go to
    -Adjust Color
    -Adjust Color for Skin Tone
    -at this point, it'll ask you to click on a person's skin and then it'll take a moment to adjust itself
    -if it looks wrong, click "reset" and try clicking on another part of the skin
    -when you're happy with the result, just click OK...and, voilĂ !!

    This doesn't always work, of course, but you could give it a try if you feel like there's an odd tint to your pic that you want to try to get rid of :D

    Hope that helps!



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