Wednesday, May 26, 2010

133/365 The Rhino

133/365 The Rhino
Well he's moving on up, from 3rd to 4th grade and that's a big change in the Montessori classroom.
That's like moving from practice school to real school, from no homework to alot every night, from 24 kids to 65 kids, from being the top dog to being a 4th grader with all those big 6th graders around.
I must admit I'm kind of weepy, a little sad, not feeling as comfortable as I was yesterday, BUT I know how great of a guy he is and how he loves with his heart and is very forgiving. I also know that he is growing into such an amazing person, just this morning I heard him tell Little Man that "this behavior is prohibited" ???  I was wondering when that word even became a part of his vocabulary? It's not like I walk around using it EVER. Anyway here is to the last day of school !!! It's killing me. 

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