Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loooong Week

So last Friday was a "snow day" or kind of like an "everyone freak out in Houston because it's really cold" day. Dylan had already been home since Wednesday because she wasn't feeling well. She had a strep test on Wednesday that came out negative. By the time the ice storm came we were all a little stir crazy. This is what she does when we go out and everything is covered in ice.

I warned her that her tongue would stick to the stop sign, she just couldn't help her self. She had to try it. Luckily for her it didn't get stuck but wow, she is brave.  By Monday she still wasn't feeling better and I was starting to get nervous. I actually listened to my mother's intuition. On Monday I took her back to the doctor and asked them to give her a blood test and see if it really was just a virus. Well it was just a virus but it happened to be MONO !!! Yes we have been struck by the kissing disease, I didn't tell her the whole kissing disease things because really why wold I do that. She for sure is going back to school in the morning, FREEDOM ! I'm going to try to do everything tomorrow. 

We spent alot of time together and I wished she had felt better, it might have been more fun for us both.

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