Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday again. I am late with this one but it felt really important to me to accomplish this. I tried to be creative with a few of them seeing as we rarely have fog here. 


2.Fog and Fog
I never thought we would ever have fog around here so I asked the kids to help, Dylan obliged me. Thanks girly girl !!!

and then we got fog the very next morning. It was fun playing around with the kids and the chalkboard anyway.

3. Beverage
Enough said. 



5. Seventies
This is what I could come up with. I am was born in the seventies so there I am.


  1. I seriously love every single one of these shots. So glad you participated this week and I hope to see you again next week!

  2. Texture is great, beverage is great, Fog is SOOO great - both of them. Okay - they are ALL great :D Fun stuff!

  3. Stacy my dear, this is what i would like to propose:

    Since you began all this photography, you have gotten progressively better and more and more creative. But what i would like to see added to your blog is the setting you have used under the pictures, so we can also try it on our own pictures and see what we come up with. What'cha say?
    Big hugs from the jungle

  4. Hey Kathy, are you keeping all the creepy critters, and the monkeys, out of your stuff? What setting are you asking about. The frame thing around my photos comes straight off blogger, I'm not sure which setting it is. There might be one for framing photos or something, it's in their new format.Is that what you are asking?

  5. Sorry Stacy its been a while since ive had a chance to come back (lots of cool pics to catch up on). Well honestly i love alllllll your pics so it would be great to have a little caption under them like they have on the camera, you know 1/200 sec f3, something like that. You really are so great at this..miss ya x



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