Thursday, February 17, 2011

She is Ye tall ????

What? Ryan says to me " yeah she is ye tall". The food came flying out of my mouth it was so funny, ok it wasn't that funny but really. I said you mean yea tall? He never responded, I couldn't tell if it was because I was laughing at him or he was just so involved in the conversation.

After consistentaly thinking about 3monkeyjumping everyday for a year, taking a week off feels like heaven. Really I miss this as a creative outlet but I guess I haven't had the energy to document lately. I have decided that I would like to post pictures with words or saying on them but I haven't decided how much the pictures and words actually have to relate. This is what I struggle with.

There were plenty of smiles from me to go around today. This was supposed to be a squirrel that Ryan made in art but let's be realistic, it looks like a beaver and I like it as a beaver. It made me smile when he showed me this.

I got this card from my book club for my birthday that had this saying on it. It's a tender thoughts greeting card ........ I usually don't feel like a tender thoughts kind of girl but this time who knows what happened.

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