Thursday, March 3, 2011

Belly Laugh

My goal is to get great at taking pictures of bubbles. It's a really tricky thing but they are just so cool I can almost not stand it. 

I have been spending alot of time just hanging out with the kids. I know we should be doing that always but there is ALWAYS something going on. 

Anyway yesterday I took the kids to the park, no one meeting us or with no hope of friends other than each other. I even refrained from taking the camera ! It was so much fun, they played tag and the truth is that while Ryan can run Dylan really can't. I mean she can run but she's just not fast at all, add in the hysterical laughter that comes with chasing someone and it's like watching a girl trying to wade through molasses.  But I must admit it was absolutely hysterical and if someone had been there for me to talk to or someone for the kids to play with that moment wouldn't have happened and I would have missed it. 


The other belly laugh the kids provided me with happened today after school. Ryan really has a routine, just like his dad, that when he comes home from school he immediately goes to the bathroom and sometimes 1/2 hour later I find myself calling for him to get out of the bathroom. Mind you he does this without closing the door, he doesn't want to be totally isolated from what's going on. So today Dylan decided she was going to "GET" him, he's always getting her. She snuck up to the open door, he couldn't see around the corner, and she screamed "BOO". Luckily he was already sitting on the potty or he might have pooooed his pants. I was in the kitchen but I heard the whole thing. Immediately after she "GOT" him she came running "MOM I GOT HIM MOM I GOT HIM". It sent me into hysterics. My stomach muscles hurt so bad, wowowowow. I new these kids were good for something. 



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