Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Same Old Face

I know I post alot of pictures of her but she is always so willing. I'm thinking maybe I should go for the more challenging subjects like Ryan but he just gets mad at me and makes awful ugly faces. Anyway I'll write more about our Spring Break fun later but now I'm just feeling so bad for not having kept up with things so here they are.

Really she didn't know that I brought a dress for her out to the country, after all usually they don't bathe or even change their clothes the whole time we are there. As a matter of fact I know they didn't bathe and I'm thinking there were very few wardrobe changes the whole week.

There is freedom in the fresh air and the lack of responsibilities. 

I will morn the loss of the pink boots when they go. Hopefully they will be replaced with something as fabulous !

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