Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did I Say That ?

I found part of a project that was never finished the other day. I must admit that I was rather sad I didn't stick with it but the timing wasn't right. Anyway here is what the paper said:

It's just a blip on someone's radar but what a difference it can make, that smile or hello. What a difference I can make if I walk around shinning in Gods glory. If I believe myself secure in Him I radiate His love. What an impact we can have on each other just by loving, caring and reaching out. Do I do enough, do I fulfill my obligation. Do I love enough to fulfill my obligation. Am I willing to sacrifice to fulfill that obligation given to me? When will I know, I know now that I don't do those things that I should, I am fallen and only by His grace am I saved. So are we really just a blip or are we so much more? God knows us and has chosen us to be so much more. It's a challenge to live in a world where there are so many ugly pulls ones we never even recognize as ugly or pulls. Can I change enough? What do I want my children to see, a changed woman, someone at peace and secure with their beliefs? How do I get there? I think we are all so much more that blips on someone's radar, we are life changers.

So since the time I actually wrote that we went over James 3 at church which I believe is a passage about taming the tongue .  It was such a great lesson to teach the kids, we only had to wait a few minutes for a teaching opportunity to come up !

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