Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dylan's 8yr old Slumber Party

I'd like to send out a big whoooo whooo that the experience is over. My lordy I can't believe we survived, but I did and I am here to blog all about it. The idea was that I would get my friend Alicia, a makeup artist(check her out), to come over and do the girls makeup. I would then have kind of a little photo booth thing set up so we could do a little fashion shoot type thing. I must admit it was crazy but fun all at the same time, here are a few of the pics that I got that night. Granted I won't post alot of them because I didn't ask for permission but these I know will be ok.

 My SIL and niece, who apparently is very comfortable in front of the camera !!!

This little girls parents are video artists, she seems very comfortable in front of the camera as well, or she could just be a ham?

We should just rename this child hambone ! She worked it like no one else, it being her party and all she felt she must show them all how to do "it".


This baby girl is going to be so into this when she grows up a little. She is the cutest ! Her mama is the best, she helped me keep it all together during the whole evening.






Overall it was great fun and I think some memories were made. i would do it again, maybe with more reinforcements, Baby girls mama was there to help and I'm not sure how I would have done it without her.


  1. Oh, I think these are fabulous! It looks like such a fun time, and I LOVE the paper-stick crowns!!

  2. loooooooooove it. they are gorgeous!



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