Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday !!! June 12th

It's Sunday again, and I am participating in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Rambling & Photos. I took all but the long exposure with my Iphone and all while sitting at dinner. I saw this woman called TheCoach&Me and her pictures that she had taken with an old point and shoot and I thought they were amazing. I'm not trekking on some glacier but I was eating chips and salsa in Lupe Tortillas when I took these. Enjoy !!!

Long Exposure : Last night I dragged Rob outside with me around 10:30, I'm sure he would have rather been in bed, but really I don't like all the little creepy crawlers in the backyard at night.

ISO 400 35mm f/4.0 8seconds

Shapes : Yummy Queso !!!


Green: Well I guess they look more orange but really they were green? 


Fruit : I wished this was a margarita this was hanging off but tomorrow is the start of VBS and I have to be in top form ! Lot's of responsibilities for me ;) 


Childhood Memory : 

Childhood memory

Go check out the rest of the entries over at Rambling&Photos, they are usually great !


  1. Love the colors on the shapes shot

  2. Very nice photos! Love the crayons! Very interesting composition and great colors!

  3. What a great set - I love your first shot. Beautiful.



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