Friday, June 3, 2011

It's All In The Eyes

I feel like I so rarely find time anymore to post pictures and that has been making me sad. I take so many great ones of the kids and want them all in a place that I know I will see them again. It's so funny, I'm so afraid of forgetting all the great shots of the kids, if I could plaster all my walls with them I would. Here are a few from last night. I have been wanting to try these B&W actions from Kellie Hatcher, here are a few.

This one screams : "Whach you talkin about Willis" to me.


This one says : " Yeah lady I got your number, your not foolin me"


These next 2 say :" Mom I'll take care of you don't worry" or "Someday some girl is going to come along and take my big brown eyes away from you mom, but don't worry I'll still be with you"



You might think this is just a mis fire catch of a fairly sedated child but the reality is he actually looks at me like this on purpose. He kind of like already knows he is the class clown, third child, handsome devil !!!
I'm not sure who gave him those ideas .....


Really who could be mad at this face ? Well he is 4 and quite the pain in my .... But my goodness I am so looking forward to having all my babies around this summer, ask me how I feel next week.


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  1. Love these shots - your focus is incredible. I must now check out this action. Beautiful processing.



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