Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday !!!

So this week, well really yesterday, I looked at the words for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and for some reason they just seemed really daunting. I'm not sure why because in the end they came to me so easily. I can only assume it's because I was creatively tapped out? Who knows. Anywho, after reading Ashley's post at Ramblings and Photos about it taking practice to get good at something I decided to challenge myself. I gave myself 5 minutes to come up with and take the pictures of the 5 words this week. I spent more time editing them afterwards but I think sometime it's the jump off the cliff that's really the hardest, then things fall in place. So here they are :

Hot Hot Hot :


Finding Form : I bought these hats because they were so unusual. They actually are formed to fit more like a bike helmet than a hat, very "form" fitting I thought, and cute.


Front Page of The News : We are so bad, we don't read the paper or really even watch the news. I just can't I mean I would love to actually sit down and read the paper but I ind it really hard to trust in those things sometimes.

Newspaper Dylan

Chore : I mean really what is normal?


Beads : These are from our chandelier, which I am in love with. We got it from Rob's grandfather and I never thought I would love it as much as I don but it just fits right in.


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  1. 5 minutes did you good. You have some great shots here.
    I love love the beads, I am a doff lover

  2. OH! You did so good on your Front Page News! I couldn't even think what a paper looked like when I sat down! Very well done!

    Love all the other shots, too, and in 5 minutes? Don't tell my husband, he might expect it to take me less time!

  3. Now that's what I'm talking about - I love how you took the time to really work it definitely paid off this week! I love all of your interpretations.

  4. love all your interpretations!!can you share how you made that newspaper...i did that same kind of thing, but i love yours so much better???

  5. mommy of five I actually looked on the internet for a newspaper template and found this one at a scrapbook place, not sure where. It was free and very easy! Just put in free newspaper template and you'll find something.

  6. Great photos! Love the beads one!

  7. Love your beads pic - GORGEOUS!

  8. Great photos. Love your finding form and beads photos. Awesome job on them all.



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