Thursday, February 4, 2010

35/365 Backyard Brawl

35/365 Backyard Brawl

Actually this post has 2 pictures to focus on but my favorite is the first.
What I first want to point out is the obvious, things can get ugly even in the most perfect households with the most perfect children. Now that we have an understanding there I shall continue.
It seems ever since Christmas and Santa delivering a shiny new TRICYCLE for LITTLE MAN, there have been numerous shoving matches over who gets to "help" Little Man ride it.
Well I think this day everyone was kind of tired and bored with that same old argument so we pushed things up a notch.
Oh by the way I am the "spy" standing inside my bedroom cleaning out my closet with the window open "watching" my children. Really I would never send them outside in the fenced in backyard to play amongst themselves. Anyway in this first photo, we shall call it Exhibit A, we have full on evidence of a little goading, notice the extended leg The Rhino is "stretching" as Little Mama comes zooming around the corner.
Let's move on to Exhibit B.

Here we go, Exhibit B, the main brawl evidence. Notice the bikes in a confused and mangled LOCK position. This is almost life threatining. At this point I missed the first actual blow(I was so excited that I had my camera I couldn't decide to break it up or just hang out and take photos and watch), well at least I missed photographing the first blow. That would have been a real keeper, let me tell you!!!

So at this point I have thrown my very valuable and presious camera on the bed and am seriously thinking about jumping thru the window to break it up. Ok let's get real, I started screaming at them to stop hitting each other or I was going to come out there and create a little brawl between my hand and their butts !!! It was very exciting to capture this more with my camera, really. I mean what I wouldn't give to have a picture of me scrapping with one of my brothers !!!

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  1. Funny stuff :D..Great to be able to chuckle and see the humour in stuff that would normally make the blood boil ;D Maybe the camera adds a patience filter!



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