Friday, February 12, 2010

Fix it Friday #43

Fix it Friday #43
This is the  original : 

This is my fix :

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  1. Nice crop, and love the colour you added!...but (because, like me, I know you're wanting to improve your photoshop skills) perhaps next time try erasing some of the texture from her face since it looks too fuzzy by leaving it in...(if you want me to give more detailed instructions, leave a msg on my blog)
    'Talk' later!
    your friend,

  2. Hey Staci!
    I was gonna email you, but there wasn't a link option for that in your I'll just do a quick explanation of the erasing thing here in your comments.

    It's simply this: while you still have your texture layer open (before flattening it), click on the eraser (in PSE, it's at the way left)and adjust the size and opacity (at the top in PSE)...I suggest using a very low opacity (10-20%)so that you make subtle changes slowly. Then just bring the eraser over the areas that you want to shine through your texture and click to make the adjustments. Easy as pie ;D

    Let me know if any of that was too's almost 1am here, so I might not be making too much sense right now! LOL



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