Saturday, February 13, 2010

44/365 Valentines

44/365 Valentines
These are the valentines that I made for the girls in both Little Mamas and The Rhinos class.
I loved them, thanks Janet for the idea!!! 
I had this scrapbook paper that had all these little characters on it.
Janet was at my table and said wow these are cute you could just use those for valentines.
I had to go a step further, because I have a hard time pulling back, and add the texture strip and the red background. This mouse was one of my favorites.

But it's hard to beat the cupcakes.

Oh and the candy toooooooo!

This is what the boys got, a strip of camo and a blue striped heart. A little valentinish with a bit of boy.
I was glad to find out that my nephew did Snoopy on a tank!
The army camo theme seems appropriate for this age.

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  1. wow! wonderfully beautiful and creative valentine's :D



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