Wednesday, September 1, 2010

237/365 First Day of School

237/365 First Day Of School

That is for everyone, Little Man started back at his preschool and the big kids both started a new year refreshed from having spent all summer at home relaxing with me !!!

It feels like the old girl is back, someone with her very own sense of girly fashion !!!
I have missed this girl and am so very glad she's coming into her own again !!!
I hope the 2nd grade is just as great as the 1st grade was.

This was painful for him, to actually smile for me.
I hope the 4th grade treats him well, it's a big move up this year !!!

Wow and what can I say about this one? 
Happy pre-school ? 
I know I'm just glad that he gets a break from me. 
Notice the permanent marker pens on the front of his shirt, that happened just this morning.
It's out of character for him to do something like that but not totally shocking.

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  1. WEll- they are all so cute- BUT that Dylan sure is styling! I love it- give her a big MMMMMMua for me.
    And hope to see you soon!



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