Thursday, September 30, 2010

269/365 Safety, NOT !!!

269/365 Safety, NOT !!!
See this is just a baby seat, not a restraining device but someplace to put the baby when driving.
It never occurred to me but where did people put the baby when they were driving in the 60's? 
I mean a 6 month old would just roll around in my car. 
I remember one time my sister in law had a baby carrier/carseat that you had to strap in with the seatbelt. This was only 9 years ago. Anyway she forgot to strap the carrier into the car with the seat belt. You can only imagine what happened. I, with my sick twisted sense of humor thought it was hilarious. As my sister in law turned the corner the seat totally flipped over. The baby was ok of course but can you imagine. Someone my moms age told me she used to nurse her baby while driving !!!!

Wow, how times have changed.

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