Tuesday, September 28, 2010

267/365 The Farm

267/365 The Farm
Such a great place, the farm. It's outside of Chicago and it's such a great calming place.
We love it, the kids love it, the critters love it, the deer love it, the wild turkeys love, the trees love it and so many more people, creatures and things love the farm.

These are the walnut trees that were planted about 10 years ago.
They started out as little tiny saplings I think, they might have been grafts but they were tiny, I mean like maybe 2 feet high.
This is them now. 
It is amazing every time we go out there to see how much they have grown. 

On the farm they grow soy beans as well as corn. This field has soybeans that are ready to harvest.
I think the kids were excited because they love edamame.  While these soybeans are used for other things, not soybeans, they still looked exactly the same just dried.
So pretty in the setting sunlight.

I  just loved this photo. 

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