Saturday, September 18, 2010

260/365 Love & Respect

260/365 Love & Respect
We spent last night and most of the day today at the Love & Respect conference. I'm not really sure what it is other than a book and kind of a self help for relationships. 
That being said I am not good at reading any type of self help book so I am glad they had a conference we could actually go to. Anyway it was put on by a couple that has been married for 37 years, I'm hoping that speaks for itself. I guess the just of it is I LOVED IT and I'm hoping it has shown me how to nourish this man that is so incredible in my life. I hope I have gained some insight in how to tell him how much I respect him for all that he is and does. I am by far the most lucky person I know !!!

I don't recall ever setting a rule for myself saying the photo actually had to go with the post.
We were playing around with the microscope and found the magnifying glass, we had a good giggle over this picture.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Ramblings and Photos and I'm so glad I did! Your pix are flipping amazing! Gorgeous!

    I am having a photo challenge over at my blog, and I would love if you could stop by and check it out! And hopefully enter it if you can!




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