Friday, January 7, 2011

363&364 Team Up Thursday

363&364 Team Up Thursday

I am participating in a new challenge, every Thursday I have teamed up with Sandra to combine our interpretations of a theme. This week the theme was "New". I posted a photo of my new Perfume and she posted a photo of Isabella's "New" toy. I think this is going to be fun. They are just such different interpretations. You can find the results of other teams on Flikr as well as at Mental Inventory, check them out. 

Diptych #1  New (2)

Little Man's Birthday cake that he helped make !!!

Really I'm trying to think of anything better than a huge dollop of sprinkles and being 4, not much comes to mind. Although the word dollop brings back memories of The Rhino. We had obviously let him watch to much tv and one day at dinner he comes to me and says "can you put a dollop of daisy on my potato." WHAT !!! 

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