Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Been Thinking

I've been thinking about alot of stuff lately, some not so happy and some really great. 

My New Years resolutions, I never make them except last year with the 365 day project. Maybe I do have the staying power to make a resolution and keep it, hmmm. This year I think I'm going for alot of things. Here are a few :

Get healthy.
Be more patient with my kids, live in the moment with them and get pleasure out of ALL the things the do.
Love my husband more, show him I love him with no expectations in return. 
Spend more time in Gods word, getting to know him. 
Make new friends. 
Grow in my photography skills and grow my business.
Find joy thru my faith. 
Collect less stuff and get rid of more stuff. 

OK well maybe just a little afraid, I mean really how can you be afraid of that face? 

Well ok this one I'm truly afraid of, I mean really, are you sleeping soundly at night because I think I'm not anymore !!!

And then I remembered these, and I almost lost  it laughing. I mean who hasn't felt like that about someone. The Rhino and I had a little laugh about it before I told him to cut it out. 
This is the kind of picture that I can get out of my almost 10 year old. Oh saying that makes me tear up I mean he is going to be driving in 6 years and leaving in 8, ok well the driving has me very upset ;)

1 comment:

  1. i like where your head is.
    and if you need help getting rid of stuff - have me over.
    i'm really good at giving ...err....throwing stuff away.



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