Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Interviews

I found these questions on my friend Katie's blog, which she got from one of her friends blogs and so on. I thought they were good questions and it sounded like something fun to do with the kids, at first anyway.
So here are the questions and the answers from each kids, enjoy( I know I didi) along with my 365 habit forming picture that I feel compelled to include. This one is from the Daily Shoot and the topic was Make a photograph of two complementary objects arranged to show their relationship to each other."

So here is the Q&A session :
1. What does Mom always say to you?
Tyler - I Love You
Dylan - I Love You
Ryan - Lots of times you say NO and CRAP !!!

2. What makes mom happy?
Tyler-  That I love you and that I'm sweet.
Dylan - When we listen to you
Ryan - When I do what you tell me to.

3. What makes mom sad?
Tyler- When I say I don't love you and I don't like you.
Dylan- When we disobey you
Ryan- When I say something mean to you.

4. Hoes does mom make you laugh?
Ty- When you make funny things.
Dylan- When you do funny things
Ryan - tickle me.

5. What was mom like as a child?
Tyler- Hairy guy
Dylan- You were cute
Ryan- You were a very happy girl going to school, dating my dad and playing with your brothers.

6. How old is mom?
Dylan- 38
Ryan- about to turn 39

7. How tall is mom?
Tyler- 80
Dylan- 60 feet
Ryan- I don't know that one, 3'3"

8. What is moms favorite thing to do?
Tyler- computer things
Dylan- go to the mall & eat lunch with me.
Ryan- spend time with your kids.

9. What does mom do when your not around?
Tyler- works
Dylan- work
Ryan- run errands

10. If mom becomes famous what will it be for?
Tyler- me
Dylan- because your a good mom
Ryan- photography

11.What is mom good at?
Tyler- computer work
Dylan- First would be spanking us, also you are really good at driving.
Ryan- photography

12. What is mom not good at?
Tyler- Basketball
Dylan- bad at hearing us
Ryan- running

13. What does mom do for her job?
Tyler- computer
Dylan- photos
Ryan- photography

14. When are you proud of mom?
Tyler- When you save me.
Dylan- When you take us to Wonderwild and me to lunch.
Ryan- When you have accomplished something you have never done before.

15. What is moms favorite food?
Tyler- salad
Dylan- ice cream
Ryan- Steak and ice cream

16. If mom was a cartoon character which one would she be? 
Tyler- I don't know
Dylan- tweety bird
Ryan- The Pink Panther

17.What do you and mom do together?
Tyler- hang out
Dylan- Sunday Lunch
Ryan- When I'm not at school some days we run errands together.

18. How are you and mom the same?
Tyler- that we are 80
Ryan- great minds think alike.

19. How are you and mom different? 
Ryan- Your a girl and I'm a boy

20. How do you know that mom loves you?
Tyler- you kiss me and hug me
Dylan- because you always say you love me
Ryan- because your my mom.


  1. Precious! You'll treasure those answers for years to come :)

  2. i love tyler's answer about you being famous b/c of him. good stuff.



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