Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who They Are

Really I'm not sure why I titled this Who They Are, maybe it should have been "Who I Am" but anyways. I was talking to a wise and new friend of mine the other day, we were talking of our children, and I was telling her how I can get very frustrated with them, one in particular. The frustration has happened off and on throughout the life of the offspring and has recently reared its ugly head, luckily only briefly. So this new friend of mine was telling me that she too has some of the same issues. She then went on to tell me she thinks she has these issue because this child is so much like her. LIGHTBULB MOMENT. Bingo !!! That's why I have such a hard time with my child, they are similar to me in ways that I don't necessarily like.

And then I see them doing something that makes me so proud and I think "was I like that" ? Was I that caring and gentle and nurturing? Where did that come from? They are like me, I'm sure they are like me with some of my faults and some of my really great attributes. And I love that about them and me. I will try to embrace those trying times and turn them into learning times instead. I love my kids so much and just want them to be happy and free and go lucky and loving and loved and nurturing and funny and serious and smart and silly and loud(did i really say that)  like they should be.

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  1. that is the sweetest thing...I think I need to print that last paragraph and read it at least once a week!



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