Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crazy Saturday

Saturdays just now are filled with soccer and football and today Tyler's birthday party. Crazy day but so much fun. Nothing like making 30 party favors only to end up 4 short, it was alot of kids. I think I love to have that many people over, it feels so out of control but so comfortable at the same time, now if everyone just knew where everything was and felt comfortable enough to help themselves things would be grand. This photo is for The Daily Shoot. The theme today was "some sort of stripes".

We had a bouncy castle in our backyard for the first time ever. The kids loved it !!! All of them loved it. There were minimal cracked noodles, for the most part it was great fun. Of course Rob and I got in after everyone left and I decided that it really wasn't my thing, I prefer a trampoline, enough said...

Gee dad you looked a little strange today, I really couldn't put my finger on it all day but I swear there was something amiss. Maybe your color was just a little off, maybe you got new glasses and forgot to tell me? Hmmm it will come to me soon I'm sure.

I had not seen these 2 cuties in a long while, they sure do grow fast. There seemed to be something a little off with him today too but oh well, maybe it's just me.

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