Friday, April 22, 2011

Crying Wolf

Yes my children haver done it and this week I was got, hoodwinked, swindled, but I GOT HER BACK !!!. Yes the life lesson was big this week for Dylan, she lied about being sick at school and really disrupted my life, my recovery from another sick child and the schedule for the day, but do not fear I stuck it to her!!

You may ask me how such a sweet angelic looking face could perform such a devious task and I would say really she's 7. She has a little model envy, I think it's just innate in little girls kind of like the desire to wear high heels or make up or paint your nails etc.. I could go on forever but let's talk about what happened......

 I had a child at home(Ryan) that was legitimately sick, I know this because I had been up all night with him. Well little Ms. TweerpyPants decides to go to school and shortly thereafter tell them that she is sick and needs to come home. They, the school, being the temporary caregivers that they are, call me and say "she looks flushed. her face is red and she says she is going to throw up" and I say "really are you sure? " "Yes we think she looks like she is sick" I say "i'll be right there as soon as I make some sort of arrangement for the child on the couch with stuff coming out everywhere, surely I can't bring him in the car this way so it will take me a few minutes to make some arrangements" . This is when I get lucky, I realize that the lady that cleans our home is here and maybe if I ask nicely she will just get Ryan out if there is a fire or not let him answer the door if someone knocks. I ask she says sure. So I'm off to get Dylan. I arrive take one look at her and know for a fact that she is not even remotely sick, sparkly eyes and all, she has just gotten herself in a little over her head. So as I'm signing her our I asked her to wait outside for me and I tell the front office that "i will eat my words if that child is really sick but I'm here already so I'll take her home". We get in the car and I decide I'm in need of a Starbucks. I say to Dylan " Would you like some chocolate milk and cookies from Starbucks?" I get this Oscar worthy response of "Well I can try" .Wait one minute, you can try???? Yes that's what she said. So we proceed to Starbucks and just as I''m about to order I look over and say to her "I think I've changed my mind, and chocolate milk and cookies probably isn't very good for your belly just now so let's just pass this time" I then proceeded to pull up and order my drink.

The moral of the story little Dylan is I'm your mama and I know when your sick, your eyes tell me so !!!

Later that night she made a full confession to her father, smart kid I'm telling you.

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