Sunday, April 3, 2011

Growing Up

I was thinking tonight about how fast my kids are growing up and how desperate I am to keep them with me forever. Really I can say that with all honesty at this moment because they are all in bed asleep. No really the thought of them out in the world making all the decisions for themselves really scares me. I mean really they are young and don't always make good choices and what will happen when there is no one there to tell them what they are doing is dangerous and could really hurt them.

All this has come about since Ryan turned 10 a few weeks ago. Really it's my first kid in double digits and the reality is heartbreaking. I know he thought I was psycho when I started crying taking him to school that day. He doesn't like to see people sad but he certainly didn't understand.

Putting the kids to bed tonight I actually got to rock Tyler and sing a song to him. It was the first time in a long time, he likes his dad to put him to bed. As I sat rocking him I started thinking about all the different bedtime routines that we have gone through and how they have all had to evolve as the kids have gotten older. Singing has been a part of all their routines during the younger years but now the big kids need to talk and then read a little on their own before they decide to turn the lights out and go to sleep. Time is flying by and I am trying very hard to embrace every moment with each person in my life. I can only as God to remind me to continue living in the moment, He will take care of me.

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