Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I don't want to get all sappy but these flowers remind me of my mom. I 'm not sure if it's the actual flowers or the colors or what but they make me happy and sad all at the very same time. 

It has been a while since I posted and I miss it, time is just getting away from me. I might start another photography project that kind of forces me to post daily, we shall see. Lots has been happening. We have Monarch butterfly chrysalis in our club house. I feel like a new mom, I mean I bought the milkweed because Ryan wanted it, with no thought to the responsibility it would bring on me.

Then unbeknownst to me the butterflies laid their eggs and we all of a sudden had all these caterpillars. They munched like crazy and then we had all these very fat juicy caterpillars who started falling off the plant. we started putting them back on only later to find out they were on their way to metamorphosis.  But we were vigilant about getting them back on the plant.

Then Rob comes in one day to tell me her found a chrysalis. I felt like I had just acquired a new child. I am so protective of the 5 yes 5 chrysalis that we have I can almost not stand it. I'll write more about this when I actually post the pictures of the whole process.

Otherwise I am taking lots of pictures and feeling pretty good about them sometimes. I'm loving the macro lens, it amazes me every time. For now I must get children to their appropriate houses of knowledge, the time is coming when things will be changing !!!

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