Monday, April 25, 2011

Scavengar Hunt Sunday

I haven't participated in a while, not for lack of trying. Hear are my entries, to see more entries head on over to see Ashley at Ramblings and Photos  :

1. Reflections


When I was thinking about reflections I was thinking about how we reflect on certain things in our lives. Here though I was reflecting on middle-school when the magic 8 Ball was "it" and I'm also in the reflection on the magic ball.

2.Guess what this is?


We dyed out Easter eggs with all natural ingredients again this year. This is the red cabbage that we used.

3.What's inside?


A monarch, or one of my other children.



At tennis lessons Tyler gets hot and bored. We bring stuff to entertain.

5.Lawn & Garden


A bloom with a succulent.


  1. Wow - you've done a phenomenal job this week. I quite honestly loved every single shot. Great job.

  2. These are all awesome, but I really love the monarch cocoon. :)

  3. I love all of these!!! Well done. :)

  4. Love the butterfly to be shot!! ;)

  5. Love your whats inside and lawn and garden shots!

  6. GORGEOUSSSSS. Really cool reflection photo, and I like the editing on the lawn and garden :)



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