Friday, April 1, 2011

It's True

I bought these in the $1 bins at Target with this exact purpose in mind, really. It worked out perfectly. It was all about speed and dexterity, who got to push the button and then who made it back in time. Who sits where on whom and then can we all give a decent smile? I should post the whole series so you could see how Big Daddy moved not an inch the WHOLE time. Needless to say he failed the "movement" part of the whole experience. 

I know this sounds weird for me, honestly, but I am ready for summer vacation.Time to goof off with the kids and not really have to be anywhere at any certain time. It's going to feel so luxurious this year, I can't wait.

Although Ryan will miss his friend Wester. Wester, like his name is apparently full of character. Ryan comes home telling me about all the crazy stuff this child does. Like just the other day Ryan comes home to tell us that Wester came to school today after having shaved all his eyebrows off. I thought I was going to DIE laughing. What kind of 4th grader goes home one day and decides he's going to shave his eyebrows off ? Wow and my child loves this kid, thinks he is the cat's meow, so funny. Really I'm not sure funny is the word I would use.

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