Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

As I sit here and try to write this Motherhood calls, in the form of a 4 year old who wants to play a game. Now how can I say no or scram politely? Well really I can't, I guess I'll have to finish this later.

OK now I'm back, and I have played and laughed and cleaned up with and after the kids and really if I had gotten more sleep I might just have been a little pleasant on Mother's Day. As it turns out I am sleep deprived=much less patient.

Sooo anyway as I sat at lunch today, at the place I picked because I'm the Mother of this Mother's Day, I started thinking about the real meaning of Mother's Day for me.

Vlog 5-8-2011-.jpg

Suddenly with a rush of emotion and a few quiet tears I realized the meaning of Mother's Day. It is so that Mother's can realize how incredibly blessed they are. When I looked around me and saw the amazing faces watching my every move, making sure that I was sooo happy with everything I thought, oh my goodness God has given me this gift that is beyond all words. It was my day to sit there and look and listen to the people  who love me most and realize that I love them and need them more than anything here on earth.

Vlog 5-8-2011--2.jpg

So when I look at these pictures of a birth I took about 6 months ago I just think wow how fast times flies and how full my heart really is.

Vlog 5-8-2011--3.jpg

Happy Mother's Day !!!

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