Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Mama's Birthday !!!

She's 8 today.
Really I can't believe it .
Where does the time go?
She will be moving out in 10 years.
Will she still want to be around me?
What will she be like. I know she will be beautiful inside and out.
Will she be funny like she is now? or will things turn to serious?
Will she make those bird sounds like she does sometimes, the ones that I make with her?


Will she still have that sense of adventure?


What will she be wearing?


Will she still love kids like she always has?



I can't wait to see who she turns out to be and yet at the same time my heart is breaking to see her grow up. No one told me how horribly painful and at the same time how horribly joyful watching your children grow up would be. I would still be where I am today, with 3 kids and a very confused heart. I don't know what would have changed, I still would have ignored whomever gave me any advice about having kids. I had to experience it for myself. So remind me I said that when my kids get to that point, please.

Happy Birthday Little Mama !!!


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