Saturday, May 16, 2009

Discovery Green !!!

Discovery Green, a big green park in the middle of downtown, was a ball. I have never taken the kids there to play in the water but they loved it. The park was just so so, although Little Mama seemed to like looking cool in MY sunglasses. I did tell her that she needed to stop worrying what she looked like and play like a kid !!!


There were some good photo ops while we were there. I was reading another ladies blog and she just said that you have to take pictures with your kids no matter what you look like. I find that I have what feels like to few pictures of my mother and myself. So that's ,y new purpose in life, to make sure I take pictures with my kids whenever there is someone around.

A lovely picture of me with the kids, aren't they lovely !!!

Then came the water feature at the park. It was a mega mall of huge projectiles of water, that smelled so much like chlorine that I had not a worry near my head. It took the Little Man a while to warm up to strong shots of water going in his ears and up his nose and in his eyes but once he did there was no slowing him down.

Little Mama had no problem, she was the first one in, reverting back to her big old kid self !!!

and last but not least The Rhino loved having the water squirt anywhere up, down, in , on, or through his swimsuit. It was a great day and a really great water feature. Sometimes I think I am raising fish. WHy do kids or people like water so much? Next time do I dare to wear my swim suit??? It was so HOT !!!

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