Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Many Critters

FRUIT FLIES !!! That's what we have and they are so invasive and so gross and everywhere. I read on the internet how to get rid of them and from that have concluded that there have been all out wars fought against these little guys. Some of the suggestions where basically bug torture, like my favorite one was something along these lines : Get a rotten banana and put it in the oven, leave the door cracked overnight and in the morning SLOWLY approach the oven, close the door and blast the little bugs with the bake cycle. Sounds a little crazy to me but I guess if you feel like cleaning up baked banana and baked fruit flies then great, that's the way for you. For us we have found this method to be the best so far :

A cup and some grape juice (that the kids won't drink), and some saran wrap and a rubber band. Presto, so far a trap worthy of the most crafty Fruit Fly !!!!

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